Reviews Practices

One of our core values is Operate with Transparency which means it matters to us that we're transparent in how we collect, publish, and moderate customer reviews. Please read some FAQs below and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at

How are reviews collected?

After a customer purchases a product they will be prompted to review an item a few weeks after it was received. Customers can also submit reviews at anytime from individual product pages on our website. 

Are customers compensated for reviews?

Customers receive a 10% off code towards their next purchase after successfully submitting a review. This code is given to all submitted reviews regardless of how many stars a review has or how positive the review is. 

How are reviews published/moderated?

All reviews are read by our team before publishing so there may be a 2-3 business day delay between a review being submitted and it showing up on our site. This is for two reasons

First, to ensure that any customer service issues (ie broken or missing packages, incorrect colors, etc.) can be resolved 1:1 with the customer. While the purpose of reviews is not to flag customer service issues (please email us at with any order issues!) we know that sometimes this happens and want to be able to address your issue as soon as possible. 

Second, to monitor for verified buyers and filter out bots. We know that reviews that don't come from actual customers aren't helpful so we'll filter those out!

Do you delete any reviews?

We will only delete a review if it contains one of the above customer service issue and that issue has ben successfully resolved with the customer or if it is from a bot or other spam account.