Our Core Values: Celebrate Color

When I first started thinking about building Olive Ave Polish I knew that I had a million decisions I would need to make before launching and then ongoing once we were life. I decided that I needed to start with some core values that would drive my decision making. You can read more about Our Story here. 

One of those core values is Celebrate Color. We live into this value in a few ways (we never do limited edition colors, we have lots of colors you won't see in other nail polish brands like greens, oranges, and yellows!) but the biggest is in our Monthly Build Your Own Bundle Palette offerings. 

Because we try to keep as many shades in stock as possible and to retire only the colors we absolutely have to I wanted to find a way to celebrate those colors that may have been released in a previous year but are still just as perfect as they were when first launched. 

Enter - Build Your Own Bundle Palettes!

Each month from the first through the third Sunday of the month Olive Ave Polish offers 10-12 products available at a bundled discount. Each Palette has a theme which is usually but not always connected to the month it is launched. We've done the Earth Day Palette in April, a Fireworks Palette in July, and the Spooky Season Palette in October. Each combines colors from across collections to present them in a new and exciting way.

You save 15% when you bundle 3-4 of the colors or 20% when you bundle 5 or more products from the Palette. 

If we're between the first and third Sunday of the month check here for this month's Palette. If we're not, hop on our email list and get notified when the next Palette is available!



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